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Do you have any questions about Natural Pigments?

You want to know more about anthocyanins, natural pigments and their applications?

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What are the main applications for tannins and polyphenols?

Those antioxydative compounds are used for numerous applications such as oenology, dietary supplements, functional food and beverage, animal nutrition.

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Why Kuzco?

Agronomical engineer specialized in green chemistry, passionate about natural extracts and innovation, I support my clients in their technical and commercial developments in markets such as animal nutrition, food, oenology, and food supplements!

During the last 10 years, I had the chance to work with many motivated companies with great ideas and strong potential that were not able to follow through on their projects. Very often, they were inhibited by fears related to a lack of market knowledge, a lack of free time or a lack of appetite for strategy and business development.

To support these motivated companies to get the best value from their natural resources, I created KUZCO.

How i would like to help you?

  • Characterize and assess the potential of natural extracts:

You want to buy new natural extracts. You need to choose, compare, source new extracts and find some new partners.

  • Selling ​​natural extracts well

You want to produce natural extracts. You need to define the product line, the marketing strategy, identify the first customers, develop a technical pitch, generate the first sales and develop the commercial activity.

  • Exploring new markets

You already produce some natural extracts or new technologies and you want to promote those products on new markets:

  • Developing international sales
  • Developing new sales in new sectors: Animal feed, Oenology, Food supplement, Food industry,

What about my values?

Technical and Sales

Becsause i believe the best product is the one you can sold and that is profitable for your customers and yout company, i bring to my clients this double skilled approach in order to design the best strategy and build the more profitable, sustaiable and realistic project.

Passion and curiosity

I am lucky to wotk with people and products i like. i try to transmit all my passion and curiotity to my clients in order to establish a trusfull and positive relationship.

Pragmatism and Perseverance

I offer to my clients some tailor-made solutions adapted to their ambition and potential and the reality of the market. Very often, i support them as far as i could in the projects, even for the sales of their new products.

They don't know Kuzco but they once said :

"Moi je crois que bretelles ou cornichons, quand on a envie de faire un truc il faut plonger comme un fou et le faire, quitte à se tromper. Je préfère me tromper et je préfère plonger. Et je plonge”.

jacques brel
Jacques Brel
Chief Happiness Officer

"Les coeurs enflammés par les obstacles se refroidissent dans la sécurité!"

Edmond Dantes
VP Grand Comte DMC

"L'homme libre possède le temps. L'homme qui maîtrise l'espace est simplement puissant. En ville, les minutes, les heures, les années nous échappent. Elles coulent de la plaie du temps blessé."

Sylvain tesson
Sylvain Tesson
Marcheur Blanc - Sibérie

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